LogCentre is a communication and transfer center of logistics, created on the basis of the Kazakh-German University, as a joint initiative of OVGU Magdeburg (Otto von Goericke University of Magdeburg), Fraunhofer IFF (Institute for Organization and Automation of Production of Fraunhofer Society) and the Kazakh-German University (DKU) ), with financial support from the BMBF (German Federal Ministry for Education and Research).

The specialized area of ​​logistics covers all stages of production and delivery of goods: purchase of raw materials, production of goods, development of a supply scheme, calculations, analysis of the transport services market and search for reliable partners, delivery of goods and their warehousing, as well as document flow.

LogCentre aims to combine the areas of research, education, professional development and practice in the field of production, transport and warehouse logistics. Transfer of German know-how in the field of logistics to Kazakhstan is one of the key missions of LogCentre. The goal of the DKU and the Logcenter is to prepare students for the digital logistics of the future, their virtual requirements and the creation of specialists for further professional activities in the private sector and the public sector. companies.

LogCentre Logistics Laboratory Video (in English with English and Russian subtitles):

The Kazakh-German University, together with the Logcenter, prepares Bachelor’s and Master’s degree specialists in the field of Transport and Industrial Logistics. Students of these programs study in depth aspects of logistics, economics and management in order to optimize supply chains, both regionally and globally. As a result, the educational process at DKU is conducted in close cooperation with universities and enterprises in Germany and Kazakhstan.

The Technical University of Wildau (TH Wildau), the University of Magdeburg Otto von Guericke (Institute for Logistics and Material Flow Technology) and the University of Miskolc in Hungary are building a logistics laboratory at DKU with the support of the Berlin-Brandenburg logistics network (Logistic Lab 4.0), which is currently under construction nearing completion. The transit location of Kazakhstan and the development of information systems create a favorable environment for the unification of East and West with the subsequent creation of trade corridors.

Tasks of the Log Center and Laboratory

  • collection and generalization of knowledge and practices about logistics
  • conducting research works and projects on data analysis and business processes of enterprises
  • modeling and simulation of possible situations
  • organizing events and stores for sharing knowledge and experience

Partners and sponsors

  1. A project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus + program
  2. TH Wildau is a co-initiator of the project and is building a laboratory on the equipment side together with logistics and telematics engineers from Wildau University of Applied Sciences
  3. University of Magdeburg consolidates virtual material flow mapping capabilities
  4. Hungarian partners provide support with modeling tools
  5. DAAD

Hardware and software

DKU logistics laboratory equipped with extensive technical and virtual equipment. At the moment, the laboratory has a computer class with installed software (AnyLogic, Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, ExtendSim, AutoCAD) for modeling and simulation of enterprise logistics processes and supply chains.

The new laboratory has the following devices:

  • 3 sets of VR headsets for researching logistics processes in virtual reality
  • 1 3D printer for reproducing simulated 3D objects made of plastic
  • Model of a robotic logistics complex
  • Set of electronic components and controllers for identification and inventory control of goods

Project management

In cooperation with

With financial support