Engineering trip to Germany

Date: 4-13 February 2023

Location: Germany, Wildau, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau)

Purposes of the trip:

Visit the university campus, and meet the teaching staff and engineers of the university. Studying and learning how the equipment works in the labs of the university.

From February 4th to 13th I visited the university in Wildau, to get to know and study the laboratory equipment in logistics. On the first day, I visited the university to get acquainted with the buildings of the university. I was met by Talgat Sultanov, a graduate of our university. He gave me a small tour to get an idea of the university and the university buildings.

As the second day fell on a Sunday, the university was not open and I decided to take a walk around the city of Berlin. Berlin is a city of contrasts, combining modern architecture with historic sites. The city has a rich history and it is reflected in its many museums and memorials. Some of the highlights of my visit included the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall Memorial, the Reichstag building, Berlin Cathedral, and the Futurium Museum.

On Monday, i.e. February 6, I started to get acquainted with and study the laboratory equipment in the logistics labs. There was a lot of logistics-related equipment at the university. For example, I liked the German Bionic exoskeleton. These electrically powered exoskeletons provide support for lifting, unloading, static restraint, and walking, which gives extra energy and relief to workers in companies.

During the week, I also had the opportunity to meet the university’s teaching staff and talk to the engineers working in the logistics labs. They gave me a lot of useful information about the technologies used in logistics and shared their professional knowledge and experience. I also learned a lot about the ongoing research being conducted at the university.

Overall, my visit to the university was very productive and interesting. I gained a lot of new knowledge and saw many amazing technologies used in logistics. In addition, I appreciated the opportunity to get to know the teaching and engineering staff at the university and to learn more about the ongoing research and projects taking place at the university.