Guest lecture from Ruslan Dikhanbaev, Director of Ferrocarril Company LLP, within the framework of the Logistics Club of the Kazakh-German University in Almaty.

Almaty, 12 October 2023 – Today, students and faculty of Kazakh-German University (DKU) were invited to a guest lecture from Ruslan Dikhanbaev, Director of Ferrocarril Company LLP. This event took place as part of the University’s Logistics Club and attracted the attention of many students and logistics industry professionals.

During the lecture, Mr Dikhanbaev shared his rich experience in the field of logistics and spoke about the key aspects of the development of this industry in Kazakhstan. He highlighted the importance of railway transport in cargo transportation and emphasised the role of Ferrocarril Company LLP in this process.

Ruslan Dikhanbaev raised important issues related to optimising logistics processes, improving infrastructure and ensuring the safety of freight transportation. His presentation covered current topics such as digitalisation and sustainable development in logistics, which aroused great interest among the audience.

Students of the Kazakh-German University had the opportunity to ask questions and participate in discussions on important aspects of logistics in Kazakhstan. The guest lecture from Ruslan Dikhanbaev provided a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience between the university community and professional logisticians.

This event is part of the efforts of the Kazakh-German University in Almaty to support the academic and practical training of students in logistics and to invite outstanding experts to enrich the educational process.