Tom Assmann’s interview with DAZ Asia

Tom Assmann, a researcher at the Institute of Logistics and Materials Movement Technology at the Magdeburg OVGU, gave an interview to the German newspaper DAZ, in which he explained the ideas of a cargo bike project in Almaty.

The autonomous cargo bike is a research project that has been with us at the University of Magdeburg for 3-4 years. The goal is for cargo bicycles and bicycles in general to be digitizable so that they can move independently on public streets and in the factory grounds. A lot is happening in the field of autonomous vehicles. However, scientific studies also show that with the introduction of car fleets, there are more and more vehicles. More driving means more traffic congestion and more energy consumption. This is why we think autonomous cargo bikes can be an interesting alternative when combined with local public transport.

Dr.-Ing. Tom Assmann Source: DAZ Asia

The full interview is available on the official DAZ Asia website, at the link: