Presentation of a Cargo Bike at DKU

The President of the Kazakh-German University, Mrs. Gabriele Stauner, welcomed the guests and wished good luck to the LogCentre DKU team, which launched this important project.

“I am very glad that you are all interested in the cargo bike project that the LogCentre DKU has developed in close cooperation with the University of Magdeburg. The LogCentre DKU is ready to develop and offer modern and future-proof solutions to all logistical problems that arise. As you know, we hold the first place in the ranking of Kazakhstani universities in the “Logistics” educational program. We are very proud of this, but nevertheless we try to constantly improve our programs.

The presentation of the cargo bike is taking place at an opportune time: this week we celebrate the European Mobility Week in the European Union. The aim is to show in practice that sustainable mobility improves the quality of life of all members of society. In addition, sustainable mobility offers opportunities to protect the environment and the climate without interrupting passenger travel and cargo transportation.

In this context, the cargo bike is an example of modern technologies, oriented towards the future, and I hope that this project will be successful in the beautiful city of Almaty! “