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On tuesday this week the International Cargo Bike of Year Award happend in Frankfurt, Germany. The winner in the category heavy duty cargo bikes is VOWAG. So we can consider ourself happy to have the best bike running on the streets of Almaty. The Munich-based HUSS-VERLAG, in which LOGISTIK HEUTE also appears, has presented the […]
DAZ Asia published video report about launching Cargo Bike project. Air pollution, traffic jams and traffic noise – The consequences of motorization are also clearly noticeable in Almaty. Therefore, compact and environmentally friendly transport is more relevant than ever. Cargo bikes, as they are already used on a large scale in Germany and Europe, could […]
The President of the Kazakh-German University, Mrs. Gabriele Stauner, welcomed the guests and wished good luck to the LogCentre DKU team, which launched this important project. “I am very glad that you are all interested in the cargo bike project that the LogCentre DKU has developed in close cooperation with the University of Magdeburg. The […]
Presentation of the CARGO BIKE The Communication and Transfer Logistics Center of the Kazakh-German University LogCentre invites you to a presentation of a cargo bicycle as part of the CARGO BIKE LOGISTICS ALMATY project. Date: 20 september 2021 year Time: с 17:00 по 20:00 Almaty time (GMT+6). The CARGO BIKE project aims to promote new […]
The LogCentre of the Kazakh-German University invites you (and your students, staff and colleagues) to the third seminar of the CARGO Bike project, which will be held on September 15, 2021, at 12-00 (Nur-Sultan time) on the topic “ How to Plan Urban Logistics Solutions – Some Recommendations. ” In this workshop, we will focus […]
More details can be found in the magazine “Транс-Logistics Казахстан” Brief information about Tom. Dr. Tom Assmann heads the research group Logistics Transportation Systems at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. He has strong experiences in the cargo bike business due to several research projects, a strong network and his engagement as member of board of the German […]
On 27 May 2021, the second seminar on “The Freight Bicycle – the Old New Car for Urban Logistics” took place. It was organised by the Communication and Transfer Logistics Centre based at the Kazakh-German University, LogCentre. This seminar series aims at initiating new sustainable urban logistics solutions and has three objectives: Motivate stakeholders to […]
The LogCentre of the Kazakh-German University invites you to the second seminar of the CARGO Bike project, on the topic “Cargo bike – an old new car for urban logistics” which will be held on May 27, 2021. at 15-00-17-00 at ZOOM. This seminar will dive deeper into the topic of cargo bicycles and their […]
On April 30, 2021, a seminar “New solutions for urban logistics” was heldWorking language of the conference: English. The speaker of the meeting was Tom Assman, head of the research group at the University of Magdeburg. Tom is also an expert in urban logistics planning, emerging technologies for sustainable logistics and a consultant on urban […]