Presentation of CARGO BIKE

Presentation of the CARGO BIKE

The Communication and Transfer Logistics Center of the Kazakh-German University LogCentre invites you to a presentation of a cargo bicycle as part of the CARGO BIKE LOGISTICS ALMATY project.

Date: 20 september 2021 year

Time: с 17:00 по 20:00 Almaty time (GMT+6).

The CARGO BIKE project aims to promote new sustainable solutions in urban logistics, focused on the active use of cargo bikes and local logistics hubs in Kazakhstan.

Freight bikes – are environmentally friendly and low-noise means of urban transportation. Equipped with an electric motor, they are great for small and medium-sized commercial transportation. The cargo bikes are designed for delivering orders from online stores, transporting goods produced by local businesses, food or ready meals by fast delivery services. Thanks to the use of this type of transport, efficient and cost-effective logistics concepts will be possible, particularly for the growing field of small freight transport.

The guests of the presentation will get acquainted with the information about different kinds of cargo bikes and existing modifications, necessary for using Cargo bike in city logistics system, possibilities of their use on the example of practical cases of city logistics in different megapolises of the world.

The keynote speaker of the meeting will be Tom Assmann – head of the research group “Logistic Transport Systems” at Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg (OVGU). Tom is an expert in urban logistics planning and in new technologies for sustainable logistics. He is currently a consultant for urban logistics projects in Germany.

In addition, the participants of the event will see the presentation of a cargo bike, delivered from Germany for practical testing. Business representatives will also be given an opportunity to sign up for test rides and evaluate the cargo potential of the Cargo bike.

You can connect to the presentation online. 

Connection information:

ID: 674 8737 5703

Password: 631843

Offline participation is strictly by appointment. Entrance to the DKU Events Forum will be through the Ashyq system.

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