The second workshop of the CARGO Bike project “Cargo bike – an old new car for urban logistics”

The LogCentre of the Kazakh-German University invites you to the second seminar of the CARGO Bike project, on the topic “Cargo bike – an old new car for urban logistics” which will be held on May 27, 2021. at 15-00-17-00 at ZOOM.

This seminar will dive deeper into the topic of cargo bicycles and their use in various areas of application in urban logistics.
You will learn more about the different types of cargo bicycles, how they can be used, the existing modifications required for a bicycle in the system of urban logistics, by analyzing various examples from the practice of cities around the world.
The speaker of the second seminar will be Tom Assman from the University of Magdeburg. Tom is an expert in urban logistics planning, new technologies for sustainable logistics. He is currently a consultant on urban logistics projects in Germany.
The seminar is part of a project aimed at promoting new sustainable solutions focused on greater use of Cargo Bike and local logistics hubs in Kazakhstan.

We ask you to register for the seminar by the link: / forms / d / 1rrVwExvw5P5jP6uwH77P – Qu5qnDqkXlBuPEFiX0eak / edit