Day: September 30, 2021

On tuesday this week the International Cargo Bike of Year Award happend in Frankfurt, Germany. The winner in the category heavy duty cargo bikes is VOWAG. So we can consider ourself happy to have the best bike running on the streets of Almaty. The Munich-based HUSS-VERLAG, in which LOGISTIK HEUTE also appears, has presented the […]
Burghard Scheel was invited as “DKU Representative for Logistics” to join the special meeting “Stan-Logisticsforum”. The participants of this hybrid-event reported and discussed about potentials and opportunities in Central Asia, means: “Stan Countries”. The LogCentre was also presented as a starting point/plattform for networking and cooperation. Because the demand for qualified employees in logistics continues […]
DAZ Asia published video report about launching Cargo Bike project. Air pollution, traffic jams and traffic noise – The consequences of motorization are also clearly noticeable in Almaty. Therefore, compact and environmentally friendly transport is more relevant than ever. Cargo bikes, as they are already used on a large scale in Germany and Europe, could […]