Burghard Scheel was invited as “DKU Representative for Logistics” to join the special meeting “Stan-Logisticsforum”. The participants of this hybrid-event […]
DAZ Asia published video report about launching Cargo Bike project. Air pollution, traffic jams and traffic noise – The consequences […]
Marat Idrissov took the participation in this year’s mechanical engineering forum. This is a very important contribution to building active […]
The President of the Kazakh-German University, Mrs. Gabriele Stauner, welcomed the guests and wished good luck to the LogCentre DKU […]
If we would design our flat like we design our cities, how would they look like? What has Futurama to […]
Presentation of the CARGO BIKE The Communication and Transfer Logistics Center of the Kazakh-German University LogCentre invites you to a […]
The LogCentre of the Kazakh-German University invites you (and your students, staff and colleagues) to the third seminar of the […]
Live recording from September 7, 2021 Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram Публикация от DEUTSCH-KASACHISCHE UNI (@dkukz)
Tom Assmann, a researcher at the Institute of Logistics and Materials Movement Technology at the Magdeburg OVGU, gave an interview […]
More details can be found in the magazine “Транс-Logistics Казахстан” Brief information about Tom. Dr. Tom Assmann heads the research […]